Some cats can be pretty challenging to handle. However, the charming Burmilla is not one of those breeds. These cats are pretty laid back and easygoing; they make an excellent choice for first-time cat owners. Like many other breeds, the Burmilla came to life when two other pureblooded cats were crossed, and the cat breeder liked what they saw. Here’s what you should know about the Burmilla breed.






6-13 lb





Life Expectancy:

7-12 years

Breed History

Burmillas are one of the youngest breeds with a history that lasts just over 4 decades. However, that means it is pretty well documented. That might not be the case with some other, naturally occurring breeds. The story of how this breed actually came to be is quite funny.

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A cat owner from the UK had a Burmese and a chinchilla Persian. One cat was in heat, so their owner kept them in separate rooms. Fortunately, a cleaning lady left the doors open by mistake. That night, in 1981, the two breeds mated and produced the first 4 Burmilla kittens. The owner immediately realized how attractive the kittens were and started breeding the new breed.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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One of the things that we can thank and “credit” for the creation of the Burmilla cat breed is their characteristics. As soon as the first kittens were born, the breed’s creator noticed the unique characteristics the kittens had. Here are the most crucial ones you need to know.


The first thing most of us notice is the cat’s coat. Burmilla comes in two varieties - shorthair and semi-longhair. Both coats have a fine texture. The coats are smooth and silky. The grooming requirements are minimal, and the cat rarely needs a bath. This breed also has an undercoat, making it even more fluffy and soft.

Coat color

As soon as you see a Burmilla, you will surely notice its wonderful color. The coat color can be described as having a silver or white background and darker tips. These darker tips are evenly distributed, which means the cat has a sparkly appearance. The most common colors are black, cream, lilac, blue, red, brown, chocolate, and tortoiseshell.



Another thing future owners or Burmilla lovers need to know is the size these cats can reach. These cats are considered medium-sized. They usually weigh 6 - 13 pounds.


Physical traits are not the only thing pureblooded breeds pass on to their offspring. They also pass typical breed temperament. This is another thing that is important for future owners. The Burmilla is a mixture of its parent breed’s temperaments. They love people but are not needy. Occasional lap cuddling session is appreciated, but they are not a breed that will actively look for an open lap. These cats are playful and a bit clumsy, even in their adulthood.


No matter which breed you decide to go for, you should know specific health issues can befall them. The Burmilla is a mix of two breeds, so she is prone to genetic health issues from both sides of the family. They are generally considered healthy and have a lifespan of 7 - 12 years. Here are some of the potential health issues these cats are prone to;

  • Allergies
  • Polycystic kidney disease - This is a kidney condition that, if not treated, can lead to kidney failure.

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