Australian Mist

Cat breeders were always on the quest to create the perfect companion cat breed. One of those experiments was the Australian Mist. This cat breed was formerly known as Spotted Mist. It was intentionally created to become the best possible indoor house cat. Its creators included over 30 different cat breeds to get the exact characteristics and temperament traits that will make these cats what they are today. If you are interested in this breed, here’s what you should know about it.

Australian Mist



Australian Mist


8 -15 lb

Australian Mist



Australian Mist

Life Expectancy:

15 - 18 years

Breed History

One of the best things about intentionally created cat breeds is that they have a pretty well-known history. That is precisely the case with the Australian Mist. The history of the breed starts in 1977 with Dr. Truda Straede. The Doctor wanted to create a perfect cat breed that would make the ultimate companion. The breed had to be happy with staying indoors and had a mild character that would fit all family members. The modern-day Australian Mist is the national cat of Australia. That wouldn’t be possible if the cat didn’t have all the characteristics Australian cat owners wanted to see in them. Luckily for all of us, these cats have exactly those traits.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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All pureblooded cat breeds have sets of specific characteristics that make them unique. That is precisely the case with the Australian Mist. These cats look fantastic, and if you see one, you will certainly understand what we’re talking about. They have a round head, large eyes, and long, slim limbs. Here are other characteristics we will focus on.


We cannot talk about the Australian Mist without mentioning its coat. They have an incredibly soft, silky coat that needs little to no grooming. Their coat is short, and the breed has no undercoat.

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Coat color

What makes these cats so amazing and unique is their coat colors and patterns. The coat has three distinct segments - the basic color, which is always paler than the pattern, the spotted pattern, and the appearance of wearing a veil made of mist. The most stunning colors are chocolate, blue, golden, and peach.


The Australian Mist is considered a medium-sized cat. They should be pretty easy to handle and will fit every home. Most adult cats reach a weight of 8 - 15 pounds.


The Australian Mist’s appearance is important, but what’s more important is its temperament. Nobody wants to have a cat that looks amazing but is a terrible companion. Luckily, that is not the case with this wonderful breed. The Australian Mist was created to be the best family cat, which is exactly what it is. These cats are tolerant, patient, affectionate, and incredibly endearing. They are smart cookies, so make sure you provide them with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. These cats make fantastic family companions, and they are absolutely fantastic with kids.

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Most pureblooded cats have specific health issues their owners and vets need to keep an eye on. Australian Mists are a bit different. These cats are not prone to any specific illness, but they are carriers of the pyruvate kinase deficiency gene. Responsible owners should have their cats tested for this issue.

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