If you love big cats, you will surely be interested in the Aphrodite cat breed. These cats are a naturally occurring cat breed, which means humans had no interference in the breed’s original development. Of course, once cats started conquering the world, humans had to interfere to keep this pureblooded breed - pureblooded. These cats are fantastic companions and family pets. Here’s what all cat lovers need to know about the Aphrodite breed.






11 - 24 lb





Life Expectancy:

12 - 15 years

Breed History

Like with all other naturally-occurring cat breeds, the Aphrodite, or Aphrodite Giant, as it is often called, has an unknown origin. To be precise, cat lovers are not sure how the breed actually came to life. We know this breed comes from Cyprus, where it is one of two naturally-occurring cat breeds. These cats were discovered in the mountainous region of Cyprus, which explains their size and hunting abilities. They had to develop some adaptations to survive and stalk prey. By some estimates and discoveries, these cats are 10.000 years old. One archeological discovery found a 9.500-year-old grave that included a cat grave with remains similar to the modern-day Aphrodite breed.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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The characteristics of naturally occurring cat breeds like the Aphrodite are always fascinating. These cats have long legs, muscular bodies and can have two coat varieties. These cats are large. In fact, they are one of the largest breeds in existence today. Here are the main characteristics we will focus on.


The first thing we need to mention is the breed’s coat. As we already said, there are two varieties of the Aphrodite breed - longhaired and shorthaired. Both types have thick, insulating double coats that kept them warm in the mountainous region they come from.

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Coat colors

Cats usually come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Some colors and patterns occurred as a mutation, and some were introduced to a breed on purpose. These cats come in nearly all coat colors and patterns, except colorpoint and mink.


The Aphrodite is one of the most giant cat breeds. These cats are considered large. Most adult cats reach 11 - 24 pounds.


Since these cats are naturally occurring, you might think they have to have the “hunter” mentality and temperament to survive. However, you would be wrong. These cats are giants, but they are gentle giants. They are incredibly affectionate with their families, especially children. They will quickly attach themselves to a favorite human and form deep, strong bonds with them. However, these cats are athletic and pretty active. They love having large spaces to roam and trees to climb. The more room the cat has, the happier it will be. Despite that, napping close to their humans is one of their favorite activities.

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The Aphrodite breed is considered a healthy breed, which isn’t that surprising since they survived so long on their own, in the wild. However, they are prone to some health issues. They have a life span of 12 - 15 years. Here are some of the problems these cats are prone to;

  • Obesity - These cats love eating, so you have to make sure you control their portions.
  • Ear infections - Cats have sensitive ears, and different infections are relatively common in this breed.
  • Heart problems - These types of health conditions are rare. However, regular checkups are recommended.

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