American Curl

Here at World Cat Finder, we are suckers for adorable cats, and what’s more adorable than the ear of the American Curl?! These cats have ears that curl away from their faces, making them absolutely cute and sweet. If you want to share your life with this adorable cat, you should know how to handle them, especially their delicate ears. Here’s the most essential information about the American Curl.

American Curl



American Curl


5-10 lb

American Curl


California, USA

American Curl

Life Expectancy:

12-16 years

Breed History

It is pretty rare to know the exact date a breed came to life, but that is precisely what we know about the American Curl. In June 1981, a cat called Shulamith had a litter of kittens. All kittens were born with ears that curled to the back of their heads. It was first shown in 1986, and in 1999, it was registered by TICA (The International Cat Association). This is a unique breed because both versions (longhaired and shorthaired) were admitted to the CFAs Championship Class.

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American Curls have a dominant characteristic - their curled ears. However, that is not the only thing future owners or cat lovers want to focus on. This cat has a lot to offer in terms of appearance, and ears are just one bonus. Here are the most important characteristics of the American Curl.


As we already briefly mentioned, this cat has two varieties - longhaired and shorthaired. They have a silky smooth coat that lies close and flat with their body. It is reasonably thick, but grooming is not that challenging. It doesn’t have a lot of undercoat, which makes tangles and mats rare.

american-curl kitten

Coat color

No matter which coat-type American Curl you see or have, they have pretty stunning coats that can come in many different colors. Some of the more exotic coat colors are silver patched tabby, chocolate tortoiseshell smoke, and lilac lynx point.


The charming American Curl is considered a medium-sized cat. As such, it can reach a weight of 5 - 10 lbs. The length isn’t defined by the standard, but the cat should have proportionate measures.


The most essential part of any purebred cat is its temperament. This is a considerable advantage pureblooded cats have over mixed breeds - their temperament is known, and we are reasonably sure of what we can expect. The American Curl is a friendly cat that loves people and even kids. These cats are fairly intelligent, curious, but they are not too active. These cats are not as vocal as some others, but they have other ways of demanding food or attention from you. They are also called “Peter Pan” of the cat world because even the older cats are playful and active as younger ones.

american-curl tabby


No matter what type of cat you have at home, there are specific health issues they might be prone to. If you’re looking to get an American Curl, there are some health concerns you should be aware of. Talk to your vet and make sure they keep an eye on early signs. Some of the health issues American Curls are prone to are;

  • Narrow ear canal - It can lead to infections and hearing issues.
  • Obesity - These cats love eating, so you need to make sure they aren’t overfed.

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