American Bobtail

If there is one thing we love, it is cats that have wild appearances. If you’re anything like us, you will love the American Bobtail. These cats are somewhat rare, but if you ever get the chance of getting one of these cats, we would highly recommend you seize that opportunity and get yourself a fantastic companion. These cats will enrich your life and make sure you have no dull moments. Here’s what all cat lovers need to know about the American Bobtail.

American Bobtail



American Bobtail


8 -13 lb

American Bobtail


USA & Canada

American Bobtail

Life Expectancy:

13 - 15 years

Breed History

There is a pretty interesting story about the American Bobtail’s origin and how they came to life. One legend says these cats result from mixing a domestic cat and a wild bobcat. That would be pretty cool, but unfortunately, it is not true. The American Bobtail came to life after Yodie, a short-tailed brown tabby male mixed with a seal-point Siamese. The genes responsible for American Bobtail’s lack of full tail are similar to the genes in the Manx breed. The first bloodlines were created in the 1960s. However, most original bloodlines died out, but the modern-day American Bobtail is still going strong. Unfortunately, they are not the most common breed. Nevertheless, the breed has strong support in the US.

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General Health

The most dominant characteristic of the American Bobtail is its lack of tail. However, that is not the only thing this cat has to offer. One look at these cats is enough to notice how gorgeous they are. Here are the most essential characteristics everyone should be aware of.


This breed comes in two coat varieties - longhair and shorthair. Both coat types should be very soft. Both coats are very dense, making the American Bobtail a fantastic cuddling partner. Both types have an undercoat, which means the cat will need some grooming.

American Bobtail

Coat colors

Different characteristics will define a unique breed, one of which is its coat color. The American Bobtail comes in all possible cat colors and patterns. Some patterns help these cats keep their wild appearance.


An important thing future American Bobtail owners should know about these cats is their size. You don’t want to end up with a cat that is too large for your home. The American Bobtail is considered a medium-to-large breed. Most adult cats weigh 8 - 13 lbs.


The cool, wild appearance of the American Bobtail can be pretty crucial. However, what’s even more important is its temperament. That is the thing that will make these cats good or bad pets. Luckily, the American Bobtail has a fantastic temperament. Many American Bobtail owners compare them with Golden Retrievers. They say the cat is devoted to the family, great with kids, loyal, playful, and pretty calm. If you ask us, that sounds like a perfect family pet. Plus, these cats are adaptable, so this might be the ideal companion if you live your life on the road.


All cat breeds are susceptible to specific health issues. These cats are considered a healthy breed. They have an average lifespan of 13 - 15 years. There are some health issues these cats are prone to, and you should look out for them. The American Bobtails are prone to;

  • Hip dysplasia - This is a genetic condition that can cause improper hip joint development.
  • A spinal condition that makes it difficult for cats to control defecation

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